The Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette || Anastasia Beverly Hills

It’s probably no secret that I’m into eyeshadows and limited edition items. As a person who said she would never buy another eyeshadow palette after purchasing a MAC Pro Palette, I lied. I had been eyeing this palette, ever since it was announced on Trendmood1 that it was an actual thing. The fact that it’s a staple in the ABH family, makes it that much better.

My friend, Ashley (from Flux & Xoulis) hadn’t gotten me a Christmas nor birthday present yet and due to my indecisive-ness, I remained present-less for quite some time. This is where this palette comes into play. This is the only item that I had my mind set on getting and for once, Ashley agreed because it was nothing that I owned and it was quite different from any ‘nude’ eyeshadow palettes that were on the market. So here I am with this palette.

Now that my spiel has ended, lets get down to discussing this palette with an even longer spiel. The packaging of the palette is definitely something I’m very fond of. It’s a fairly thick palette, a little thicker than the Urban Decay Naked palettes, and maybe around the width of a Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. It consists of velvet packaging on the outside (think original UD Naked palette). It also has a little black ribbon tag to help you take out the double ended brush that comes with the palette.

The palette lists that the eyeshadows are made in USA, however the duo shadow brush is made in PRC (People’s Republic of China). Now, while it isn’t definite that things made in PRC aren’t animal cruelty free, it bothers me that ABH is a brand that promotes not testing on animals, however the brush is listed as being made in a place that most companies would consider ‘animal testing’. It does give me some sort of peace of mind that the palette has the cruelty free symbol on it though.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette ($42 USD, $55 CAD at Sephora)

The palette itself consists of 14 eyeshadows (12 mattes and 2 metallics) ranging from pale pinks and warmer neutrals to darker berry tones. After having tried some of the ABH eyeshadow singles and hearing the rave over her Self-Made palette, I knew this was definitely something I wanted to get my hands on. The two metallic finish shadows are different enough from one another that they can both be used for different eye looks and for different moods. The palette allows the creation of a wide range of combinations that can be done for different eye looks.

Top Row (L-R): Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber

With only a few shadows that can be purchased as individuals (Buon Fresco and Burnt Orange), I like how different the shades are from one another. They provide enough variation that they can be used to create gorgeous combinations or can be standalone beautiful.

Bottom Row (L-R): Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, Realgar

I found the shadows to be very pigmented and easy to apply, however I found a few to be a little patchy (ex. Love Letter and Antique Bronze) when swatching. While I did find Love Letter a little difficult to blend, it did come off as a shadow that I would most likely use on nights out for some fun, rather than an everyday type of shadow for myself. I find that Burnt Orange shows some similarity to the shade Peanut Butter in the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and the PB&J palette, which, in my opinion is great, because I haven’t been able to find much dupes for that shadow.

Some of the shadows in the palette seemed to have come off differently in swatches. Once again, I expected Love Letter to come off a lot more on the hot pink/magenta side of things, it swatched more as a berry. There was some fall out present when swatching, but I was expecting it as these eyeshadows are powder based, so there had to be  some powder that fell out when product was being picked up.

The consistencies of the shadows remind me of the Lorac Pro palette, in which, it’s really easy to pick up product and its very pigmented and smooth feeling. The eyeshadows feel finely milled and soft.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed and happy with this palette, I think it’s a good thing that I’m so indecisive when it comes to products that I was able to finally wait out what present to get when this palette hit the market. As a person who’s pretty into the ‘tired eye’ look these days, I can happily say that this palette is doing just that for my lazy days, but can also contribute to days when I’m feeling confident and fierce (aka playing up my brown eyes).

Until next time,

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and opinions are my own.

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