First Impression: Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

As Sephora begins rolling in more and more Korean beauty and skincare brands, I can’t help myself but become more and more curious about the world of Korean skincare and beauty. It seems like its such a world away when really, I just need to do my research on products, just like I have been doing with American and British brands for the past few years.


Caolion is a brand that I first came across when Sephora released their ‘hot and cool pore pack,’ it is still the only product by the brand that is carried at Sephora Canada. Retailing at $32.00 Canadian, you get 3 g (0.1 oz) of each, the blackhead steam pore pack and the pore original pack. The packaging is fairly simple, it comes as a stacked cylinder, with the steam pore pack on top and the pore original pack for cooling underneath. While both masks can be used separate, I decided to try them out together.


When it comes to face masks, I consider myself an amateur, however I don’t really know how difficult a face mask can be. I’m still in the beginning stages of getting into face masks and learning how each one contributes differently to my skin, so bear with me.

Starting off with a little background information, I have combination-oily skin. I’ll sometimes get dry patches around my T-Zone but its mostly oily throughout the day. My cheeks also get oily and thus lies my skin concern. I’ve grown up with mostly acne on my forehead and the occasional  break out on my chin or cheek but in the past year, my acne seems to have migrated to my cheeks and have decided to settle there.

Freshly washed face prior to face mask
Freshly washed face prior to face mask

As you can see, my cheeks have been getting small bumps and some acne here and there. I will say that it has been getting a lot better since I moved back home for the summer and have been drinking much more water. A lot of the dots are now just scars from previous bumps and pimples that I would pop because I can’t help myself.

Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

The instructions for this was simple enough, ‘apply evenly to clean, dry face and massage for 1-2 minutes.’ Straight off opening the packaging, it came with this clear film that separated the product from getting onto the lid. The consistency of the product was very gooey and sticky feeling. I was expecting it to apply to my skin immediately warm, however it just felt as if I was applying a clay face mask on. The blackhead steam pore pack is said to provide ~7 uses.

Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

The feeling of heat didn’t arrive until after I massaged the product in. It was fairly tedious to apply the product onto my face with the spatula provided but I was just too lazy to get my fingers dirty (which, I eventually did with the massaging). It wasn’t a huge burning sensation but a gradual warmth that spread throughout the face. After leaving it on for 10 minutes, I rinsed it off with cool water and could definitely feel the warmth of the mask on my face as I was doing so.

Freshly washed face after Steam Pore Pack

I don’t know if its a placebo but my skin does look a lot better and ‘cleaner’ after rinsing this mask off with the cool water, it was nice for it to cool down the mask because I felt like the mask was starting to get to a burning stage on my face. The mask seemed to have opened up some of my blackheads and cleaned them, which was nice.

Pore Original Pack

Caolion Pore Original Pack

I waited about 5-10 minutes after rinsing my face for the second step as I felt like my skin needed to calm down on what just happened with the warmth on my face and then sudden cool water. The pore original pack is said to provide ~10 uses.

Caolion Pore Original Pack

The second step is to be left on the face for 10-15 minutes, with no massaging prior. Once again, I used the spatula provided to apply the product. It was much more stiff and compared to the blackhead steam pore pack, and definitely spread more patchy compared to the first one. Immediately I felt the coolness of the mask and felt as if I could actually feel my skin tightening and my pores closing up.

Freshly washed face after Pore Original Pack

After 15 minutes, I rinsed my face with warm water, I actually had to use a wash cloth for this as the mask dried up a bit on my face and it was harder to remove the product. Once again, no idea if its a placebo but my face looks more calm.

One Day Later

A day later, I notice that my skin does feel a lot better and more clean. Perhaps the mask did make a difference to my skin and it’s helped with my cheek situation. However, I did find a few white heads lounging around my cheeks and chin, which I’m not super fond of but it might just be the mask getting rid of all the bad stuff in my skin.

While, I’m not too sure how well this mask will actually work for my skin, it was nice to be able to put aside ~30 minutes and get some ‘me’ time to relax and focus on myself. I do like that because its a duo in separate containers, I am able to choose if I just want to use one mask or both.

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and opinions are my own.

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