Guerlain: La Petite Robe Noire Review

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner for a Guerlain giveaway from fashion blogger and social influencer, Chloe Zhang, this giveaway was for their new La Petite Robe Noire collection and even included a matching set for a friend!

It’s only taken me a few months to write this review, but in all honesty, I just couldn’t find the time during those months to try out the products. Alas, I finally found the time to try them, and here are my thoughts.

001 My First…

As cute as the names are, this nail polish and lipstick combo are very sheer, they consist of little bits of shimmer. While, I personally wouldn’t wear the nail polish on its own, it would great as a top coat on any colour. The lipstick makes a great ‘no make-up’ look and adds its own personal touch with a slight shimmer.


002 Pink Tie

This lipstick would’ve been a definite no in shades I’d ever wear out if it were opaque. However, it is more of a sheer lipstick for more of my girly days. I can see myself wearing this nail polish on days where I feel like I just need a pop of colour to my life.


003 Red Heels

This one is definitely the most liked out of the giveaway prize for me. I like how the lipstick is sheer red but adds a nice pop of colour to the lips without it being too out there. I will warn that the nail polish stains your nails red, if you’re lazy like me and don’t use a base coat.


007 Black Perfecto

As dark as the lipstick seems, it adds a really nice berry type of sheen to the lips. It definitely reminds me of the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl that many bloggers rave about or just seem to all own. While the nail polish basically looks like a glossy black on my nails, it does have a purple tint in it, which adds for a nice surprise.


All in all, the nail polishes are very quick drying and the application brush is a fairly generous size making it very easy to paint the nails with precision when in a rush and ensures that they are dry in a decent amount of time. While, I’m not big on the floral scent of the lipsticks, they’re very moisturizing and glide right onto the lips. They give a very sheer finish on the lips with a hint of shine. The lipstick is in a really cool packaging with a heart tab at the end for twisting to dispense more product and the clear cover makes it easy to see what colour it is. The nail polish comes in matching packaging with its cap being the same heart shaped tab.

Are there any lipsticks that you really enjoy using on a daily basis?

Thanks again to Chloe Zhang for the wonderful prize.

Until next time,
– h.

Instagram: @_hwonggg
Snapchat: @hwonggg

DISCLAIMER: Sometimes I am lucky enough to win contests with great prizes. However, the reviews are my own.

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