Who knew false lashes could be so easy? Esqido’s got my back || Esqido Lashes

First thing’s first. This is going to be a very wordy post. Secondly, don’t forget that you have until October 15th to enter my giveaway! Details are posted at the end of this post.

When it comes to false lashes, I’m the amateur of the amateur level. I have no experience wearing them and no idea how to apply them besides watching Youtube videos from beauty gurus.

But, about a month ago, I was invited to the Esqido lashes launch at Holt Renfrew. As someone getting into the make up side of life, I thought it’d be a good experience to attend the event and learn more about false lashes and how each set differs from another. All in all, it was a great event to attend, while it was fairly busy and not much space was provided for other beauty bloggers and shoppers to mingle around, it was nonetheless a nice event to learn more about lashes.


Now when it comes to the whole range that Esqido carries, I’m still starstruck by how many differences there can be, whether its how it tapers out at the end or if the fullness of the lash is throughout the whole band, or just at the end. There are so many different types of false lashes that are available and can be suited for any occasion.

Esqido has 3 different collections: the Classic collection, the Noire collection, and the Signature collection. All the lashes are made of mink, which, are the closest type of ‘hair-like’ structure to our natural eyelashes. While, the Classic collection range from natural volume to full volume, the Noire collection consists of lashes that are ultra voluminous and consist of a ‘multi-curl.’ Lastly, the Signature collection are collaborations that Esqido has with other influencers.

The lashes in the Classic collection range from $30-38 USD for the upper lashes and are $24 USD for the lower lashes. In the Noire collection, the lashes range from $40-42 USD and in the Signature collection, they’re $38 USD. The lash glue is separate at a price of $10 USD. The lashes can be purchased on the Esqido website, at Holt Renfrew or at a variety of retailers throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Kazakhstan.

Esqido Classic Collection lashes in BFF

Esqido was kind enough to give a pair of lashes (of your choosing), lash glue and a cake pop (yum!) to beauty influencers. Originally, I was thinking of getting a natural pair but when it got down to it, I chose a medium volume pair called, BFF. There were staff members on hand to help out with the application of the lashes or to just help you measure and trim your lashes. Since, I was sort of on a time crunch, I just got the staff member to help me trim mine to the right length.

From here on out, I’ve decided to show you how I applied the false lashes (for the first time!)


I decided to play around with my Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette for a more berry kind of look, I already had my lashes curled and my go to waterproof mascara (Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes) applied as I was told not to apply mascara to the Esqido lashes as it would damage them.


From watching videos on Youtube, it made sense to apply eyeliner so when the lashes were applied, they would blend in rather than sticking out like a sore thumb that there’s a black line on top of where your eyelashes would be located. For this, I used the Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ in Trooper.


The actual application of the lashes was a lot easier than I thought they’d be. From watching videos, many people use tweezers to hold the lashes and to put them in place. I followed the instructions that were included in the box with the lashes that said to apply them while looking down into a mirror. I let the lash glue dry for about 15-20 seconds and then applied them, and it was such a easy process, I’m surprised I’ve never tried false lashes before this!


The lash band definitely blending it with the eyeliner that I had applied on earlier. While the band did feel a little funny and I could feel a small itch due to my rather small eyelids, they were very light and didn’t feel like they were weighing me down or anything.


Now here comes the part that I actually found difficult. The removal. To remove the lashes, the instructions tell you to use an oil-free make up remover (Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover is my choice), and to gently swipe across the band until the glue loosens and it removes itself from your eyelid. As easy as it was for that to be done, I found the removal of the glue on the lash band to be difficult. It was a very strong feeling glue and since the lashes are so delicate, I didn’t want to disfigure or ruin them in anyway.

As a tester to see how well the glue can be removed with the use of the oil-free make up remover, I put some glue on the back of my hand and waited until it was dry to remove. The glue was very stuck to the back of my hand and I definitely had to rub until it started rolling up into a ball to peel off.

For a first experience of false lashes, I thought the instructions were clear and Youtube definitely played a solid part in educating me on how to put on false lashes. The lashes themselves are beautiful, and for sure encourage me to go out and try out some other types. The mink lashes feel super soft and are very light, not weighing down eyelids. While, I found the glue difficult to remove, it would guarantee the lashes to stay put on my eyelids for when I do use them.

While, I don’t think I’ll be wearing these lashes until a special occasion, I do really admire how beautiful they are.

What is your experience with false lashes? Are there any that you recommend?

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: While the lashes were a gift from the company themself, all opinions and thoughts are my own.



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4 thoughts on “Who knew false lashes could be so easy? Esqido’s got my back || Esqido Lashes

  1. These are beautiful! I tried lashes years ago and clearly wasn’t doing it right as I didn’t make it out the door they were so uncomfortable. I’ve got a few events coming up that I definitely want to give it another go. Great comments about the glue! Will definitely be careful and gentle!


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