Marc Jacobs Up All Night Lip Set || HWong’s Holidays 2016

As the holidays are approaching soon, here I come along with reviews on the holiday sets that I decided to pick up. Every year, I find myself picking up one or two holiday sets from brands that I love.

There’s always something that I’m looking forward to trying and the holiday sets make it so much easier to have an excuse to go shopping. This was no other than the perfect excuse to pick up the ‘Up All Night‘ lipstick set from Marc Jacobs.

Ever since Marc Jacobs Beauty began selling at Sephora, I’ve always wanted to try their products, I just could not figure out which was the first item that I wanted to purchase. Although, getting a mini lipstick in my birthday gift from Sephora and another mini lipstick from getting VIB Rouge status really did contribute to my purchasing of this holiday set.

Marc Jacobs ‘Up All Night’ Holiday Lip Set, $61 CAD/$49 USD,

The set consists of five small lipsticks from the Le Marc Lip Creme collection: No Angel (apricot nude), Slow Burn (creamy nude rose), Oh Miley! (strawberry spice), Miss Scarlet (deep ruby) and Scandal (intense plum). It retails for $61 CAD/$49 USD at Sephora. This would cost about $12.20 CAD per lipstick that is 0.05 oz. The full size retails for $38 CAD for 0.12 oz.

When I saw this in the VIB Rouge holiday sets e-mail, my jaw dropped, it is such a pretty set that I knew I couldn’t pass it up, so I was a little bummed out when I didn’t see it in store at the event. Thankfully, it was on the website, so I ordered it right away, plus the 4x the points, who could disagree?


The set comes in a beautiful fuchsia coloured clutch with a black tassel zipper. Inside are the five little lipsticks all lined up calling your name. I was so excited to try them all at once when I received it. The clutch is definitely something that I would be able to use for special events if I wanted a pop of colour to my outfit.

From left to right: No Angel, Slow Burn, Oh Miley!, Miss Scarlet, Scandal

Getting down to the lipsticks:

No Angel (apricot nude)

When I first opened up the package, I thought this would’ve been too light for my liking of nude lipsticks. However, upon swatching and wearing it on my lips, I realized it was just the type of nude that I liked. It’s more on the orangey-terracotta side of nudes rather than a pink-y nude, which, I’m completely okay with as many of the nude shades I own are more pink. The lipstick glided right onto my lips and only one swipe was all I needed to have the pigment show up. It is super creamy and definitely lives up to the hype of hydration and plumped lips.

Slow Burn (creamy nude rose)

I originally thought this one would not have been as pink as it ended up being. However, it is still definitely something that I would wear, as more of a rose-y pink colour, I still love how one swipe does all for my lips. The tip of the lipstick bullet is fairly sharp enough that it can easily act as a lip liner and ensure that the lipstick doesn’t go past the outline of your lips.

Oh Miley! (strawberry spice)

While, I clearly did not do a good job with the application of this on my lips, I do love the colour. It’s a very vibrant colour and reminds me of the NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch from a few years ago. While, I find this one more of a satin finish, the NARS one gives a matte finish. Both lipsticks are very creamy and super pigmented, making it really easy to apply when in a rush.

Miss Scarlet (deep ruby)

More so on the darker side of red lipsticks, I feel like I would wear this one more than ‘Oh Miley!’ as it’s more subtle and as the seasons change, I tend to shift towards a darker colour.

Scandal (intense plum)

The swatch on my lips looks very messy but it was actually very difficult to have the pigment show up. I found myself having to swipe the product across my lips a couple times until the transparency of the product began to fill in. It’s the type of lipstick that needs to be swiped in one direction upon application otherwise the colour will have difficulty building up on the lips.


Out of all the lipsticks, I’m really happy with 4 of them. The only one that I was disappointed in was Scandal as it didn’t apply as pigmented as I was hoping as the other ones applied very easily and one swipe did all. I can definitely see myself purchasing most of them as full sized, mostly the nude shades, but if I ever get into the bold colour lips phase in my life, then I’ll be sure to let you know.

Have you ever tried the Le Marc Lip Cremes? What are your thoughts on this holiday set?

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.



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