From the East to the West Coast || Formula X

When it comes to painting my nails, I never have the patience for the first coat to dry before painting on a very thick second coat just to say that my nails have been painted. Let me face it, I am the person responsible for having the little bubble in her nails and to constantly be putting a dent in the nail polish on her nails.

Here comes Formula X, the house brand of nail polishes at Sephora. Before trying them out, I was a devoted Essie lover (still am on the drugstore front), but my first purchase of a Formula X nail polish has changed my view on being patient.

Usually, when a brand releases a collection, I find myself only purchasing one or two items that I really like within the collection. However, when Formula X released their Atlantic-Pacific nail polish collection, I knew that I needed to have all three shades. These retail for $16.00 CAD/$12.50 USD at Sephora.

Formula X Atlantic-Pacific Edition, $16 CAD/ $12.50 USD,

The collection is part of the ‘#ColorCurators’ series, where Formula X produces certain shades to match the collection theme, or they have a collaboration with a content creator to produce their favourite shades of nail polish.

This collection fits perfectly into the shades that I’m used to wearing, hence, my purchasing of all three shades. The shades are as follow: Atlantic Mist (misty sage), Taken By Storm (midnight charcoal), and Pacific Haze (whisper-soft gray)

Atlantic Mist (misty sage)

#ColorCurators: Atlantic-Pacific Edition in Atlantic Mist

What I love about this shade is that while it is still a teal blue, there are gray tones in it. It applies on smooth and dries fast enough that my patience doesn’t run out when I apply the second coat. The finish is shiny and I find that no top coat is necessary.

Taken By Storm (midnight charcoal)

#ColorCurators: Atlantic-Pacific Edition in Taken By Storm

This one was definitely difficult to photograph. It comes out almost black but is really a slate gray kind of colour. I had never seen a colour this close between a dark gray and black before that I knew it would be something I’d like to wear. Sometimes I get into my black nail polish fazes, and I knew that dark gray would be something I would love to wear during the Fall and Winter, since it’s not completely black but is still fairly dark.

Pacific Haze (whisper-soft gray)

#ColorCurators: Atlantic-Pacific Edition in Pacific Haze

This is once again, something I had never owned before. It’s much more a lighter gray and with the marble backdrop, I can see myself totally doing a marble design on my nails. I consider this a different take on nude nail polishes as its a fairly muted shade but can be found in undertones for white, beige, and light pink nail polishes.

The thing I love most about Formula X polishes besides that they’re quick drying is that I can keep them on for a few weeks without a top coat and still have them hold up without chipping. Even if they do chip due to my inability to pay attention to what I’m doing, they’re barely noticeable and I can go on with my day. The brushes themselves don’t leave streaks and give an even application to each and every single part of the nail.

What are some of your favourite Formula X colours?

Until next time,
– h.

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