Mini Lush Haul || HWong’s Holidays 2016

I’m so sorry for being MIA for the past week, after my last post and YouTube video, I just kind of hit a slump with no inspiration for any posts I had originally planned to put up this week.

But, after a good hour and a half of procrastinating at work, I came up with some more blog post and video ideas. So, I’m happy to say that I’m back and determined to come up with more posts to share with everyone!

Starting these ideas is a mini Lush haul that I decided to treat myself with. Also, because I finally got myself to leave the house and visit the mall.

When it comes to the holidays, one of my favourite stores to visit is always Lush. Their Christmas bath bombs and collections just hold a special place in my heart and this year, I think they really out did themselves!

Not only did they create an amazing line of Christmas products, they also brought back fan favourites, as well as creating a special bath bomb in collaboration with First Nations artist Jeff Robinson. I’m clearly a fan of their bath bombs, can you tell?

Getting down to my purchases today…

Great Bear Bath Bomb

Great Bear Bath Bomb, $6.95,

I pretty much went to Lush just to get my hands on this bath bomb. One, it was out of curiousity as to what it smelled like. Secondly, basically because I already knew I wanted it. Third, I wanted to support the cause. This is a specially created bath bomb in collaboration with First Nations artist Jeff Robinson to promote the safety of grizzly bears. 100% of the money raised will go towards the Grizzly Grant fund, working towards the protection of the bears in North America.

The scent of this bath bomb is very woodsy but its not too musky. It contains cypress oil, rosewood and oakmoss to provide a relaxing feel when used. I’m really excited to try this one out and may even pick up another one because it smells so good and all proceeds go towards protecting the Grizzlies.

For more information about this cause, Lush presents the film Trophyto inform others about the inhumane practices of hunting and strive towards educating others in opposing this hunt. There is also a petition going around for you to sign in support of this campaign. This is definitely something I stand behind 100% because not only is it endangering wildlife but I don’t think it’s something that should even be done in the first place. While bear viewing is an excursion that can be organized and create a sense of excitement, it is quickly being an outing that cannot happen due to the dangers of hunters in the area.

Watch the film here.

There is also an article to learn more about this cause.

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb, $7.95,

I didn’t think I’d like the scent of this as much as I do. I think it was the bright colours that threw me off, however upon smelling it, I knew I was sold on this. It consists of lime and sweet wild orange oils, and is dipped into cocoa butter. Upon holding the bath bomb, it smells like oranges and peaches, you can’t really smell the lime in it, but the bright pink cocoa butter part is so smooth and creamy that I cannot wait to get in a bath with this baby.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Mint Julips Lip Scrub, $10.95,

I’m pretty sure I buy this around once or twice a year because that’s just how much I love it and can’t part with it. This lip scrub is peppermint flavoured with a pinch of vanilla mixed into it. It’s a really nice sugary scrub that you’re more than able to lick off the excess (if not, all of it!) Since the scrub also has jojoba oil in it, my lips are super hydrated after they’ve been scrubbed. I tend to use this about two to three times a week to make sure my lips are always super soft and exfoliated. If you’re a fan of mint chocolate, you’ll definitely be a fan of this!

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, $6.95,

I originally didn’t plan on this, based on the fact that the stars consist of glitter and I’m not a fan of that in the bath. However, upon smelling its orange and caramel honey scent, I knew I had to pick it up. The gold stars are also bath melts, ensuring that you’ll be leaving the bath super hydrated and soft. I’m actually pretty excited to try this one out because, who doesn’t want to take a bath in glittery blue water?!

So White Bath Bomb

So White Bath Bomb, $6.75,

This is hands down my favourite bath bomb of all time. It smells like apples and just relaxes me so much with just the scent. This year, they changed it up and adding a green centre to the bath bomb, whereas it used to be white all round. If they ever made this a staple, I know I would definitely have a stash of them for the whole year.

Salt and Peppermint Bark

Salt and Peppermint Bark, $9.95,

If you haven’t noticed, I’m quite the fan of the peppermint scent and basically anything with peppermint in it. This is something new to me as I’ve never tried it before, but I just ran out of my scrub and needed a new one. In comes this scrub with sea salt for exfoliation and peppermint oil to keep you hydrated all season long. Literally, the perfect combination, and as someone who’s a fan of their Ocean Salt cleanser, it was a no brainer that this needed to be picked up.

While this haul mostly consisted of bath bombs, I know I’ll be paying Lush another visit before the season is over to pick up their body conditioners and other products from their Christmas collection. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Christingle, Santasaurus, Peeping Santa and Snowie.

Have you checked out the Lush Christmas collection? Is there anything you’d like to pick up?

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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