White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette || Too Faced

Coming into the Fall and Winter season, one of the launches that I was most excited about were the Too Faced Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palettes. As someone who doesn’t own any of the chocolate bar palettes, I had my hopes that these palettes would be as amazing as the originals the ideas came from.

While I didn’t pick up the Chocolate Chip due to shipping and duties costs on the Too Faced website, I did manage to pick up the White Chocolate Chip palette from Sephora the day before its ‘official launch’ day on Cyber Monday.

The palette consists of 11 cocoa powder-infused shades in pastels, creamy nudes and a pop of black with the signature Too Faced scent of chocolate. It costs $32 CAD/$26 USD and is exclusive to Sephora, while the Chocolate Chip palette is exclusive to the Too Faced site. While it launched a ‘sneak peek’ on Cyber Monday, it will be back in the spring time for anyone who was unable to pick it up on Monday.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette, $32 CAD/$26 USD, Sephora.ca


When receiving the palette, I basically jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to get it in case the delivery lady decided to leave me a pick up slip for it to be picked up tomorrow (they tend to do this to me). But, fret not, I got downstairs in time to get my delivery plus a nice way to wake up, if you ask me.

After tearing into the package, I pulled out this beauty and opened it up right away. First thing to notice is that, it’s a REALLY SMALL palette. By really small, I’ll insert a photo right below this to compare it with the other Too Faced palettes I own.

Size comparison with Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and Too Faced PB&J palette

The Sweet Peach palette (which will be back in December!!!) is the size of the Chocolate Bar palette and the PB&J palette is the size of the Too Faced Natural Matte Eye palette. It is very evidently a small palette and meant mostly for travel (in my opinion).

Upon opening the palette, I noticed that 10 of the shades were really small and had no idea how it was even possible for me to properly swatch them or for any brush bigger than a blending brush fit into the pans without collecting shadow from the pan next door.

Swatching the shades, I was less than impressed, they all came out looking like some sort of frosted shade and while two of the shades actually impressed me (Exotica & Pearl Candy) it wasn’t enough for me to want to keep the palette. The shade Exotica reminds me of the shade Marzipan from the Chocolate Bar palette and I’m sure that I can find a similar shade of it in some other shadows that I own. I found the ‘pop of black’ shadow to be out of place and that it looks like an attempt to incorporate some sort of dark shade into the palette just for the sake of it.

While, I love the other Too Faced products and eyeshadows that I own, this is a pass for me. I don’t think there are enough shades to make me want to keep the palette and create looks with them. However, this palette could be for you if you don’t own any other shades like these.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Did you pick one up?

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette, $32 CAD/$26 USD, Sephora.ca

* Unfortunately, this palette wasn’t for me and it has been returned.


8 thoughts on “White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette || Too Faced

  1. Thanks for the honest review! I think the shades would be too light for me too! I have my eyes set on the sweet peach collection that’s coming out!


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