Feeling Peachy? Too Faced Knows All About It! || Too Faced

Way back in April, Too Faced rocked the world with their limited edition ‘Sweet Peach‘ eyeshadow palette release. I went as far as driving down to the States in an attempt to pick it up, unfortunately I went the day it was even supposed to launch and all the ULTA locations I visited, either had it already sold out or weren’t able to release it until the day after.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, $59 CAD/$49 USD, Sephora.ca

Luckily, I was able to snag myself a palette back in my local Sephora. The salesperson told me they literally placed it on the sales floor about 5 minutes before I walked in, so how funny is it that I get it when I’m in Canada when I literally drove down to the States in an attempt to get it!

ANYWAYS, after using the palette basically all summer long and enjoying the sweet smell of peaches, Too Faced decided to re-launch their infamous eyeshadow palette, along with some new additions and a revival of their old blush.

They launched a new cheek palette, the ‘Sweet Peach Glow,’ re-launched the ‘Sweet Peach’ eyeshadow palette, revived their ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ blush (I didn’t even know this was a product Too Faced previously had until now), and released new ‘Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil’ lip glosses.

Too Faced Sweet Peach collection

As someone who constantly reached for the eyeshadow palette, I stayed up at night and was one of the first to get my hands on a second eyeshadow palette, which, I’m starting to regret purchasing now. I don’t think I really need a second eyeshadow palette, so I may give it away in the future. But I also did stay up to pick up the glow palette and the blush. I’m not big on glosses, so I passed those up, maybe in the future, I’ll pick up a few but I’d definitely need to swatch them in store first before deciding if I want them in my collection.

I won’t be getting into detail on the eyeshadow palette as I already have a full YouTube video on my channel regarding it. You can watch the video here.

Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette*

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette, $52 CAD/$42 USD, Sephora.ca

I was originally pretty skeptical about the highlighting palette. I had previously owned the UD Naked Flushed palette and while I found some use out of it, I just couldn’t bring myself to loving it. So when this was announced I knew it would be something I would want to test out.


The packaging itself is just like the eyeshadow palette with the magnetic closure, peach-pink gradient colour scheme and embossed lettering and logo. I love how shimmery the highlighter is but the glitter from the blush and bronzer are not doing it for me. I feel like if I applied the whole palette to my face, I’d look like a glazed donut (while, it’s for some people, that look is not for me). It took some building up for the pigmentation to show up and even then, I found the bronzer to swatch a little bit patchy.

While this isn’t working out for me based on my personal preference of cheek products, I can see it looking really good on every skintone, either built up or very subtle. They’re all gorgeous shades that would compliment everyone.

Papa Don’t Peach Blush

Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush, $38 CAD/$30 USD, Sephora.ca

While I’ve said time and time again that I’m not one for blushes. This was one of the most hyped up blushes that I just had to pick up. (Social media influenced me) The packaging is adorable and it turns out this blush was a new and improved version of a previous blush that Too Faced had released a long time ago. The packaging matches with the whole collection and theme with the embossing and logos. The one thing that I find irritates me is that the ‘don’t’ on the packaging has a lower case ‘d’ rather than saying ‘Papa Don’t Peach,’ it says ‘Papa don’t Peach.’ It’s a very minimal issue but it does bother me that it isn’t capitalized.


Upon opening the blush, it ended up looking a lot darker than the photos that I saw online. I knew it would have some shimmer to it but I expected a much more pink blush. Swatching it, you can definitely see the shimmer in it, so if I were to wear it, I would probably skip the highlighter on my cheeks. But it is a really nice blush. I have to experiment with it more before deciding if it’ll be returned back or not but I definitely want to hold onto it a bit longer.

All in all, I think the whole collection is a sort of hit or miss. While, I love the eyeshadow palette, I’m not a fan of the highlighting palette and am currently undecided on the blush and lip glosses. I definitely recommend checking it out in stores on January 6th when it gets released before deciding what to pick up.

*As much as I like the packaging and smell of the highlighting palette, it will unfortunately be getting returned as I don’t think I’d get much use out of it.


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