The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses || Optically

Disclaimer: These sunglasses were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve checked out my Instagram (find it here) or know me in real life, you’ll soon realize that I’m complete obsessed with sunglasses. I’ve got a wide range of different types and can’t just bring one pair of sunglasses when travelling.


I received these aviator-oversized sunnies (Opium OP1375 C01) from Optically and completely fell in love. Not only does Optically carry a wide range of sunglasses, but they also carry eyeglasses and can even include prescription lenses. From designer names to simple stylish styles, they have it all. They’re super affordable with prices beginning at $9 and they include a 90 day guarantee with fast delivery.


The maximum prescriptions they carry range from ± 8.00 SPH (sphere) and ± 4.00 CYL (cylinder). I settled on non-prescription sunglasses since I usually wear contacts so it makes putting on my sunglasses easier.

When picking out a pair, they include a feature where you can open up your camera on your computer and have the glasses placed on you so you can figure out if they work well. The measurements of the glasses are also included, making it a lot easier to figure out if they’ll fit or not.


I’m loving the pair that I picked out and will definitely get a lot of use from them when travelling this month! They also came with a super cool triangular carrying case. I absolutely can’t wait to pick up more sunglasses or even glasses from Optically.

 Be sure to also check out these pages from Optically!

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