Keeping My Skin Hydrated || Clarins

Disclaimer: I received this product for free complimentary of Influenster. All reviews and opinions are my own.

I’m always on the hunt for perfect moisturizer and I just so happened to have finished my last one when I received this in the mail. I haven’t tried many Clarins products so I was excited to be trying one out and it just so happens that it’s a moisturizer, exactly what I need!


I don’t particularly have dry skin, for the most part I consider it combination-oily and acne-prone. But from time to time, I do have dry patches on my face. While the moisturizer I received targets normal to dry skin, there are ones for combination and very dry skin.

For reference, this product can be purchased at Sephora, beautyboutique by Shoppers Drug Mart and many other retailers that carry Clarins for $46 CAD. There are 3 to choose from: Silky Cream (normal to dry skin), Cooling Gel (normal to combination), and Rich Cream (very dry skin).

Moving on with my review, I first did a patch test on my hand, and I think it smells really nice. It’s a bit more fragrant then what I’m used to but it’s not a bad scent to be smelling. It applied on really smoothly and left my hand feeling super soft and maybe even a little supple.

Next, I tried it on my face since products on my hand and my face tend to differ a bit. My face instantly started feeling more hydrated and felt smoother. I didn’t have to use a lot of product to have it evenly distribute around my face. It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky like I find some moisturizers to do and didn’t leave my face looking oily but hydrated and fairly matte.

It has that silky feel that it promotes and moisturizes the skin really well. This product has definitely moved up in my moisturizers to purchase list and has opened up my interest in Clarins products.

What’s your favourite moisturizer?

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