First Impression: KIKO Milano Makeup

If you’ve been watching YouTube videos from KathleenLights, you’ll be aware of the brand KIKO. I first heard about KIKO from Zoella and from there I heard it from KathleenLights. Since it’s not available in Canada and they currently don’t ship to Canada, I had no access to it unless I headed down to the States. Unfortunately, they’re not available everywhere in the States, so still picking up their products would prove difficulty.

KIKO Milano Products purchased with a very pretty shopping bag

Thankfully, I found a KIKO store in almost every single mall I visited during my trip to Hong Kong. The first time I walked in, the employees were eager to help and were always available if you were looking for opinions or more information about the products. My first trip there consisted of me just walking around to get a feel of what’s available. I went home and did my research on their most popular and best rated products before heading back to actually pick up products.

I ended up only picking up 4 products as a starter since I really don’t need to be adding to my ever growing makeup collection and because I didn’t know how much I’d like the products. Breaking it down, I ended up purchasing two eyeshadows and two lipsticks.

KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick & Wet/Dry Eyeshadow

1. Water Eyeshadow in 201 Rosy Taupe ($14.00 USD,
I couldn’t take my eyes off the design of this eyeshadow, I love that it has this super cool ripple effect design and that this single eyeshadow even came with a mirror! The packaging feels sturdy and the eyeshadow is smooth and pigmented.

KIKO Milano Water Eyeshadow swatches in 201 Rosy Taupe. (dry application (L), wet application (R))

The eyeshadow works as a wet/dry formulation, I love that both application methods came out with the same result as a super pigmented and an evenly distributed product. I ended up choosing this shade since it’s different from the other ones in my collection and I felt like I had similar shades in the other ones compared to this one.

KIKO Milano Summer 2.0 Lips & Cheek & Liquid Eyeshadow

2. Summer 2.0 Liquid Eyeshadow in 02 Fire Lust Bronze ($15.00 USD,
I wasn’t originally going to pick this up as I’m not a huge fan of liquid eyeshadows but the salesperson sold me on it upon swatch. I couldn’t get over how pigmented and smooth it looked. I can definitely see myself using this as an eyeshadow topper.

KIKO Milano Summer 2.0 Liquid Eyeshadow Swatch in 02 Fire Lust Bronze

It applied so smooth and didn’t feel chunky at all, I also love the possibility of just wearing this on its own especially during the summer, it seems like such a fun product to play with. The applicator itself also has a clicking-lock mechanism, so you can actually feel with your wand is securely placed back into the tube.

KIKO Milano purchased products

3. Summer 2.0 Lips & Cheeks in 06 Sun Stone Chestnut ($14.00 USD,
This is also something else I didn’t plan on purchasing but the salesperson sold me on it. It’s a matte lipstick that can double as a blush (think Bite Beauty Multisticks), I really wanted to see how it compared to the Bite Multisticks so I picked this one up since it was the only shade that appealed to me. The packaging of this also got me, it has a magnetic closure and is this really pretty rose gold packaging with a rippling effect.

KIKO Milano Summer 2.0 Swatches. Liquid Eyeshadow in 02 Fire Lust Bronze (L) & Lips & Cheeks in 06 Sun Stone Chestnut (R)

The product itself applies on super smooth and while it’s a bit darker than I would’ve liked, I think it’d look really nice as a base with a lip gloss on top. Using this as blush would require a very light hand unless I end up getting a lot more tan than I have ever in my life this summer.

KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick & Wet/Dry Eyeshadow

4. Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in 03 Biscuit Rose ($12.00 USD,
The packaging of this sort of reminds me of the Tom Ford lipsticks, but at the same time it’s such a cool capsule looking tube. I didn’t want to purchase too many cream products in case I ended up walking outside in the humidity for too long and melted all the items. So, I just settled on two lipsticks. I like that this lipstick shows the colour on the cap of the tube, and its so creamy. It’s a semi-matte formulation that swatches with no effort.

KIKO Milano Swatches. Liquid Eyeshadow in 02 Fire Lust Bronze (L), Lips & Cheeks in 06 Sun Stone Chestnut (C), Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in 03 Biscuit Rose (R)

The shade ended up coming out a little more pink than I was expecting but I could get used to it. I feel like for a summer shade, it’s refreshing and something fun to wear.

KIKO Milano purchased products

Have you ever tried KIKO Milano cosmetics? What are some of your favourites?

13 thoughts on “First Impression: KIKO Milano Makeup

  1. I have a few products from KIKO and I’ve been really impressed by the quality, and by the selection! They have so many products and so many shades. Really hope they come to Canada…


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