Morning Essentials + Giveaway! || Cetaphil

In a previous post, I mentioned my current nighttime routine products, and now, here are my morning essentials. Throughout my teenage years, I was never one to care much for sun protection, but as I get older, I’m trying to take preventative measures to protect my skin from aging and any consequences that may arise in the future.


This is where Cetaphil comes into play, thanks to Cetaphil who kindly sent over a few products catered to my skin and its needs, I was able to put them to the test for the past month. You can find Cetaphil in many drugstores and retailers (a full list here), for super affordable prices (between $6 – 20 CAD) and a wide range, you’ll be able to find products perfect for your skin and its needs.

To match me up with products perfectly suited for my skin, I had stated that my skin gets oily and shiny/greasy throughout the day with the occasional dry spots where my acne is located (cheeks and chin). When it came to moisturizer, I was looking for something with SPF since I’m usually too lazy to apply a separate sunscreen in addition to moisturizer. I had indicated that any SPF amount was fine with me as I spend most of my days working indoors, and something that would help with my skin’s oiliness as it only gets dry throughout the Winter.


With this information, Cetaphil sent me their DermaControl Oil-Control Foam Wash and their Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 and I couldn’t be happier with the pairing.

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash, $15 – 17 CAD

Since I apply serums to my skin at night, I like to use a gentle cleanser in the morning to help prepare my skin for the day. This foaming cleanser is super gentle and doesn’t make my skin feel like its striping itself of all the moisture and hydration it gained through my night’s sleep. Perfect for oily, blemish-prone skin, I’ve noticed that my acne has decreased significantly.

Some more facts about this foam cleanser:

  • Zinc Gluconate absorbs excess oil
  • Non-drying, soap-free foam wash
  • Non-comedogenic, non-irritating

After cleansing my skin and slightly waking up in the morning, I protect my skin with their Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, $12 – 14 CAD

I love that the moisturizer packaging includes a locking mechanism cap, this makes me feel so much reassured when travelling that my moisturizer won’t be spilling out and I won’t be left with any surprises in my bag when I take out my moisturizer.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to moisturizer and sunscreen finishes and this one is a definite winner for me. Perfect for sensitive skin, it’s oil-free and lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, which, is the one thing I dislike the most when it comes to moisturizers and sunscreens. This perfect two-in-one leaves my skin feeling like it can breath and maintaining its hydration, its also a great moisturizer to use under makeup as it sets up a nice canvas before application.


Here comes the fun part! I’ve teamed up with Cetaphil Canada to give you a chance to win your own two products catered perfectly to your skincare needs! Cetaphil and I want you to find your perfect match according to your skin type.

To enter, all you have to do is head on over to my Instagram page as well as the Cetaphil Canada page and visit the link below for some more entries! This giveaway is only open to Canadian residents, you must be 18+ or have parental permission to enter, absolutely no giveaway accounts. This giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 26th at midnight EST.

Cetaphil Giveaway Link!

Best of luck to everyone entering!

42 thoughts on “Morning Essentials + Giveaway! || Cetaphil

  1. I’ve tried cetaphil. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their cleansing cloths! They’re so gentle on my skin and have no problem removing my make up either.


  2. I have never used cetaphil products but i am looking for a new skin care routine so this would be an amazing way to start!!


  3. Cetaphil is the best! I have been using their Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer for almost 5 years and my skin has never been so good. It is also very affordable, definitely worth every penny.


  4. I LOVE Cetaphil ! It is one of my go to’s. My favorite is their cleanser. I actual had an incident where I used a moisturizer on my face that made me break out like a teenage boy. I used Cetaphil cleanser and it cleared it right up within two days ❤


  5. I have dry sensitive skin that gets either oily or even more dry in the evening. One of my first product from cetaphil was their cream in a tub. It’s been my backup moisturizer whenever my skin acts up


  6. I have used Cetaphil face wash in the past and really like it. My teenage son currently uses the Daily Cleanser with the DermaControl Moisturizer


  7. I’ve been using cetaphil for years. I’m on my third course of accutane and it’s been a life saver on my extremely sensitive skin! Cleanser and mositurizer are my favourites but I always keep cleansing cloths with me on the go.


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