Getting Innovative with Mascara || Givenchy

There’s nothing more exciting then trying out a new tube of mascara. Whether it was purchased based on recommendation or review, there’s something about opening that new tube and giving it a go. I felt that exact excitement among opening this mascara, the new Givenchy ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara. Not only is the packaging beyond beautiful, but the wand bends. THE. WAND. BENDS.

New Givenchy ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara, $38 CAD/$29 USD,

Let me give you a breather so you can catch your breath and let that sink in. The wand of this mascara bends 90 degrees to help create a lash extension effect and to help build volume.

As if the 90 degree bending wand wasn’t cool enough, the mascara comes packaged in this gorgeous glossy black rectangular tube with a ribbon design running down the sides and the Givenchy logo at the top.

New Givenchy ‘Noir Interdit’ mascara comes with a 90 degree bending wand

I put this mascara to the the test with my pin-straight stubborn lashes. Upon first impression, the product smells like roses. While, I’m not big on the fragrance, it does add a sort of ‘luxury’ feel to it. I like that the tube is a rectangular shape so it’ll never go rolling away from you like some other mascaras will. The bending of the wand isn’t difficult to achieve, I found myself bending the wand just as it was almost fully out of the tube. I love how innovative this product is and it’s definitely the first one like this that I’ve ever tried.

You don’t have to worry about getting product on the bridge of your nose with the wand bent purely based on where your hand positioning is when holding the mascara.

Getting into my first impression, I curled my lashes prior to applying the product. I find that this is the best method for me and keeps my lash curler clean from any product. My lashes are already decently long on their own so I’m more so looking for volume and hold when it comes to mascara.

The mascara states that it’ll give you the ultimate lash extension effect and provide length, volume and definition. I love the amount of volume the mascara gave me on the first application. It definitely kept them separated and made my lashes look a lot fuller. While they do look a little lengthened, I don’t think they added that much length to my already sort of long lashes.

Something else I noticed is that the mascara formulation is a little too heavy for my lashes, so they weren’t able to hold a curl. There’s a definite difference between the first image without the mascara and the second image with the mascara where my eyes are closed. In the first image, you can see some lashes as they were curled, but in the second image, you can fully see the lashes with the product as the curl started unravelling.

While the mascara did a really good job at volumizing and defining my lashes, I’m hoping Givenchy launches a waterproof version so they’ll be able to hold the curl. This mascara retails for $38.00 CAD/$29.00 USD at Sephora and $35.00 CAD/$29.00 USD at Saks. If a waterproof version of this was released, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat and it may just become my new HG mascara. I’m pleasantly surprised and really happy with how much volume these gave my lashes on first try.

What are your thoughts on this mascara? Would you try it?

New Givenchy ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara, $38 CAD/$29 USD,

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for reviewing purposes. All photos and opinions are my own.

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