Cult #BeneFaves || Benefit

When it comes to cult favourites in the make up industry, Benefit isn’t a newcomer at all. With products that have been considered a favourite for many years or in the recent years, they continue to create amazing quality products for everyone to use. Between their packaging and consistent product launches, I’m always on the lookout for what they’ll come out with next!


Their products have unique packaging and always have the most fun designs. Four of the bestselling products know what I’m talking about when I say they’re super fun and unique designs!

1. They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara, $31 CAD (

While, I love this mascara, I could definitely love it more if it came in a waterproof formula. Not only does the mascara lengthen my lashes like crazy, it helps keep the lashes separated and not clump them together. Even the packaging of the mascara tube is different from the common ones you see, the shape of it has a slight inverted triangle compared to the usual cylindrical shaped mascara tubes.

I have had friends try this mascara and rave about how lengthening and amazing it is. A few of them had the same complaint as I do, wishing this mascara came in a waterproof formulation. My eyelashes can’t seem to hold a curl unless I use waterproof mascara, it’s the weirdest thing. I think it may be due to how the weight of a non-waterproof mascara vs. the weight of a waterproof mascara. Nevertheless, if my lashes were able to hold a curl, this would definitely be in my top 5 go-to mascaras.

The POREfessional Face Primer

2. The POREfessional Face Primer, $42 CAD (

While, I’m still on the hunt for the best primer, this comes in pretty close. As a face primer that helps minimize the look of pores and fine lines, it doesn’t clump any concealer or foundation I’m wearing throughout the day. It feels super nice and doesn’t make it feel like you’ve got this thick film on top of your skin.

If used by itself, it can help maintain a matte/natural finish or if worn under makeup, it’ll help prolong the longevity. I’ve noticed a huge difference when I use face primer under makeup and when I don’t. I definitely recommend to consider using a face primer underneath your makeup!

3. Hoola Matte Bronzer, $38 CAD (

This is the one item that has literally everyone and their mother in love. I’m the type of person who will use bronzer and highlighter on a daily basis (if I woke up early enough for that), but until I become a morning person, I save my bronzer and highlighter for weekends when I’m going out and seeing friends. The Hoola bronzer has been a cult favourite for many, many years and I understand why. The packaging of the bronzer itself is in this magnetic sealed box that even comes with a little mirror inside! (Always a plus in my books!) It’s housed in this sort of cardboard square box, which you don’t see very often in bronzer packaging, or even at all. Along with the mirror, you get a little bronzer brush that fits perfectly inside the compact, easy for on-the-go and touchups throughout the day.

I tend to find bronzers being a little too orange for me, but I found this one to be the perfect shade and definitely buildable! The swatch above, has about 3-4 layers of bronzer to build up that intensity. This bronzer has definitely gotten me curious on trying out the lighter version, Hoola Lite.

4. Ka-Brow! Cream-Gel Brow Colour, $32 CAD (

When Benefit first launched their whole brow collection, this was the product I was most excited for. I literally picked it up the day it launched and fell in love with it. I found the cream-gel formulation to be the perfect easy to use formula and it never felt like it dried out or was difficult to get product to apply. I love that the packaging even comes with a brush in case you’re ever in a rush or if it’s your go-to. I do find the packaging to be a little bulky with the lid being a little long but it helps keep the product with the brush together. I find the brush to be a little stiff at the beginning but it’s easy to work with and feels like it starts to soften up with more use.

The product itself, blends easily and stays on all day long (even throughout a shower!) Something I love about the Benefit brow collection is that once you find your ‘shade number,’ it’ll stay consistent for the rest of the products, so you’re not stuck trying out all the shades you think will work and end up exchanging them for another one.

Have you tried any of these BeneFaves? If so, which ones are your favourite? If they’re not mentioned, feel free to list them below in the comments!



Disclaimer: I received this product for free complimentary of Influenster and Influenster Canada. All reviews and opinions are my own.

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