Getting Super Liquified || Bite Beauty

A few months ago, I spoke about the new Bite Beauty liquified lipsticks, since then I’ve amassed a total of 9 shades. Since, I’ve already spoke of 3 of them, (you can find the article here!) I thought I would talk about the other 6 shades and share photos of how they look on my lips for reference.

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipsticks, $28 CAD/$24 USD. (

I’m a really big fan of Bite Beauty, they’re easily my #1 lipstick brand and the majority of lip products I own in my collection are from them. I think saying they’re my favourite lipstick brand is the understatement of the year. I love that they don’t test on animals and strive for an all-natural ingredients list. They have created so many beautiful and unique colours, along with providing you the chance to create your own lipstick at their Lip Lab locations. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re from Toronto, like me.

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick Swatches (L-R): Caramelized, Cava, Chutney, Infuse, Purée, Whip

Moving onto the 6 shades that I picked up, I tried to get a few within the usual ‘nude/dusty rose’ range and to experiment more with a few darker and vibrant shades. I ended up picking: Caramelized (creamy butterscotch), Cava (lilac beige), Chutney (rich mauve), Infuse (dark cherry), Purée (burnt orange), and Whip (blushed beige).

Each of these liquid lipsticks retail for $28 CAD/$24 USD at Sephora. There are a total of 20 shades with the Mauvember edition being a limited edition.

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Caramelized

I don’t think there’s much I can say about the packaging besides how much I love that it’s not a cylindrical shape. I’m so used to my liquid lipsticks rolling away from me that I really like not having to chase it down. The packaging is the classic Bite packaging with the matte grey/black shade. The packaging material has a sort of grip to it making it easier to hold and harder to slip out of your hand. I also love the little window at the bottom of the tube showing you the lipstick shade.

1. Caramelized, creamy butterscotch.

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Caramelized

This is one of my favourite shades from the ones that I own. I love how it’s close to the shade of my lips and how the liquid lipstick give a satin finish. The product doesn’t fully dry on your lips (unless you’re bracing the -30 degree Celsius weather) but it keeps them fully moisturized and soft feeling.

2. Cava, lilac beige

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Cava

This was one of Bite’s most famous shades, so much that they’ve got their own ‘Cava Lip Collection’ category on the Bite Beauty page at Sephora. It’s a shade that I can see myself wearing more during the summer, it’s definitely a fun shade to wear with the mix between lilac and beige together.

3. Chutney, rich mauve

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Chutney

Chutney is one of the shades that I love to wear on a night out where I don’t want it to be super natural and super bold. It’s the perfect in between for everyone to see that you’ve got something on your lips but doesn’t bring all the attention to your lips. I find this shade to come out a little more like a raspberry than a ‘rich mauve’ but everyone’s natural lip colour is different so the shades are bound to show up differently.

4. Infusedark cherry

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Infuse

I found this shade to need a few layers for it to seem more opaque. Nevertheless, a darker lip colour is always a little harder to apply as it comes up more obvious when you mess up. (One side of my lip is clearly looking bigger than the other, haha) Either way, I really like how the shade shows up on my lip, it’s between a berry and a red shade, a good in between when you can’t decide which side of the ‘dark’ spectrum you want to be part of.

5. Purée, burnt orange

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Purée

This shade is one of those shades that I always feel like my collection needs but I never find the courage to ever wear it out. It’s one of those orange-red shades that always remind me of summer. I’ll definitely make an attempt to wear more of the brighter shades that I own this summer, they always seem so fun!

6. Whip, blushed beige

Bite Beauty Liquified Lipstick in Whip

I love this shade as much as I love ‘Caramelized’. It’s a little more pink while Caramelized has a little more brown in the shade. These are definitely my two ideal nude shades for everyday wear.

Basically, these liquified lipsticks don’t actually dry on your lips like many do. They stay on with a satin finish. Although, reapplying doesn’t cause the product to clump together but mixes with the previous to keep your lips looking flawless. The product is super comfy to wear and kept my lips feeling moisturized all day long. I found myself only having to re-apply the product once throughout the day.

You probably guessed, but I’m already on my way to purchase more!

Have you tried any Bite products? What are your thoughts?



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