Nail Care 101 || Vitry Nails

I am most likely the last person you should ever come to for nail advice but don’t get me wrong when I say I’m working on it and there has been nothing that’s helped out my nails as much as this product has. The Vitry Nail repair Care Hardener has been a life saver since I’ve begun using it. My nails are not as embarrassing to look at as they were before.


Before this, I had begun taking Biotin vitamins to help with promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. The Vitry hardener has really given the boost my nails need to further improve their health and has encouraged me to strive towards healthier looking hands and nails.

Vitry has a wide selection of nail care products for all your nail needs and can be found in many retailers across Canada such as Shoppers Drug Mart or even online at Nail Polish Canada. The hardener comes in 2 different formulations: the shiny finish and the matte finish ($23 CAD each for 10 ml). Vitry also recently launched a Sensitive Repair treatment ($26 CAD for 10 ml) to join the family. It has the same effects but are for those with more sensitive nails.

If you’ve ever seen my hands, the first thing you’ll probably be wondering are how many rings I’m wearing (8, to be exact). The second thing you’ll notice is how dry my hands are (I have the worst habit of not using hand cream).

The next thing you’ll notice is either:
a) my turtle thumb (I slammed a car door on my right thumb 7 years ago and the nail never healed properly),
b) how long or how red my fingers are,
c) how old my hands look,
d) how bad my cuticles look,
or lastly,
e) how bad my nails look.

Or basically, all of the above.

These all contribute to the probability that you’ll rarely see my hands or nails by themselves in photos (unless, I’ve got my nails done, of course!)


Okay, enough of the long spiel about my thoughts on my hands and nails. Time to get down to it. While, I’m still working on the hydrated hands thing (moisturizing every night before bed!) I’ve been trying to really fix the health of my nails.

As of recent, I’ve been trying out the Vitry Nail Repair Care Hardener. This hardener is meant to strengthen soft, broken and split nails within 2 weeks. It helps to protect and nourish your cuticles, while taking care of your nails. To use the product, you’re to reapply every 2 days after removing the previous application.

Before trying out this product, I had gone on a 2-3 month spree of constantly getting my nails done with Shellac or gel polish. Even though, I knew I was supposed to get the colour specially removed, I’d always lose my patience and end up peeling the colour off, further damaging my nail and causing it to lose some layers here and there.


This resulted in dry and brittle nails prone to chipping. My nails were constantly breaking and they were bumpy and just not healthy looking at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of my nails at the time as they were way too embarrassing While the Biotin did help a bit and got them into a healthier state, the hardener has really helped my nails gain the strength they lost.

My nails are now a lot stronger and healthier looking. The white part of my nails don’t have as much of a yellow-y looking tinge as they did before and the feel of my nail is definitely not as bumpy as they were before. I think it’s safe to say that 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for my nails and it’s all thanks to the Vitry hardener and biotin vitamins.


Nail Polish Canada also has free shipping on orders over $19 CAD or a flat rate of $4 CAD.

Have you ever tried nail hardeners? What are some of your nail care techniques?

Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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