Quick & Easy Radiance || Nude By Nature

If you’ve ever hung out with me on a work day, you’ll know that my everyday look is literally just brows and mascara. The only time I usually ever wear any sort of cover up is on weekends if I’m going out.

That being said, it’s mostly due to laziness and my love for sleeping in that I’ll try to get in as much sleep as I can before having to roll out of bed and get ready for work. My issue with face makeup is that it takes too long to apply and I don’t mind my acne or acne scars showing. As of recent, I’ve been working on my sleep schedule and having recently been hired permanently, I’ve been purposely making myself look even better in case I finally get called down to take my staff photo.

Nude by Nature Products

In comes the Australian brand Nude By Nature, they were founded in 2008 in Sydney and have recently arrived in Canada. Before their arrival in Canada, I had heard about them once or twice but not enough to research more into their products. They’re 100% cruelty-free and PETA certified, so for all you makeup lovers out there that are against animal-testing, this brand’s perfect for you!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a few of their products courtesy of ChickAdvisor. The products that I’ve been testing out are the Perfecting Primer, Radiant Loose Powder Foundation and their #11 Mineral Brush. Next to their rose gold packaging that I’m already a big fan of, without further ado lets get this review going!


Starting off with a freshly washed and hydrated face, I decided that I was going to only use the Perfecting Primer on one side of my face and leave the other side alone with my hydrated skin (updated skincare routine post coming soon!). Besides the serum and moisturizer I have on, the only other thing that I have done are my brows. As it can obviously be seen (above), one side of my face is actually more filled with acne and acne scars than the other. The side with the primer, is the side that has less acne and acne scarring on it (right). Usually, the side with less acne is a little more red, but the primer has toned the redness and even my acne scars down a bit.


Now, here’s the part where it gets pretty funny. Since I only applied primer to my cheeks, I decided that I’d leave my forehead bare. It can evidently be seen that the Radiant Loose Powder foundation shade I chose was too dark for my skin. I chose the shade N3 Almond, since in photos, the shade looked most similar to my current shade but I was clearly wrong. Besides the fact that its too dark for me (it’ll definitely work a lot better during summer!), the shade is a little more on the orange-y side of shades. If I ever master using a loose powder as a bronzer, this would definitely be one I’d be using.

Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer & Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

The powder foundation did a really good job at covering up a lot of my acne scars. While it didn’t completely cover all my scarring, it covered most of them and didn’t take me too long to apply. Comparing the primed face to the un-primed face, I definitely notice a difference in how smooth the powder looks on the primed face compared to the face without primer. The primer didn’t pill when the powder foundation was applied and kept my skin feeling like it was able to still breath.

While I did find a few loose brush hairs on the #11 Mineral Brush, it was super soft and distributed the powder foundation evenly around my face. I liked that it also came with a little carrying case to keep it safe when travelling. The brush also fit perfectly into the dispensing part of the foundation, making sure no product was wasted.

Nude by Nature #11 Mineral Brush

I know that I’ll definitely be picking up the powder foundation (in my correct shade, of course!) and primer again. I really like how the brand is cruelty free and is carried at Shoppers Drug Mart, making it super accessible to pick up. While, I’m sure I’ll alternate between brushes, the Mineral Brush makes it super travel-friendly due to its size.

Have you heard anything about Nude by Nature? Have you tried out their products?

Disclaimer: I received these products free for testing purposes courtesy of ChickAdvisor. All reviews and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Quick & Easy Radiance || Nude By Nature

  1. I love their skin illuminater! I mix it with their primer and apply it to my skin before the loose powder foundation. It has a really cooling and hydrating feeling and adds a beautiful glow to the skin. It’s my favourite product I’ve tried from them so far.


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