Keeping Up with the Volume || Esqido Lashes

It’s been over 2 years since my post about the ‘BFF’ lashes that I tried out from Esqido (you can read my review here). Since then, I’m still an amateur with lashes but have learned a lot more about the lash shapes and which ones better compliment the shape of my eyes.

Esqido Lashes in “Peaches & Cream” and “Silhouette”

Since the lashes I picked up previously were a medium volume pair, I thought I’d try out their lashes that were more suitable for everyday, casual looks. As of late, I’ve become the type of person that just puts on her brows and moisturizer and is already out the door for work. On weekends, I find myself playing with makeup more and wanting to try out new styles for a casual day out but also keeping it subtle.

Esqido Lashes in “Peaches & Cream,” “Silhouette” and “BFF” with Companion Lash Glue

Esqido were kind enough to reach out to me and send over a few styles to try out. The two styles of false eyelashes that I chose were a pair of their medium-volume Unisyn lashes in “Peaches and Cream,” and a pair of their light-volume Mink lashes in “Silhouette.” Both lashes have a handcrafted cotton band and serve a multi-use purpose so they can be used over and over again. They were also kind enough to send over their ESQIDO eyelash glue that I was a fan of after trying it out previously.

Esqido Unisyn Lashes in “Peaches & Cream”

The Unisyn lashes are one of their later collection launches, the lashes are made with ‘a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres’ and retail for $22.00 USD. The “Peaches & Cream” pair that I picked up is a medium-length pair with lashes at a 8-10 mm length. This is about the usual length that I get for eyelash extensions so I know it’s definitely a length that I’d like. The material of the lashes are ultra-fine synthetic fibres and consist of a criss-cross pattern to give off a more wispy vibe. I’m definitely a big fan of these lashes, they make my eyes look rounder and provide a good set of volume.

Esqido Mink Lashes in “Silhouette”

The Mink lashes are the brand’s mink hair lashes and are the company’s bestsellers. The majority of the lashes range between $28.00 – $29.00 USD with some as low as $24.00 and some at $32.00 USD. There are also some styles currently on sale for $27.00 USD. The lashes that I picked up were the “Silhouette” style, considered to be a lighter version of the bestselling “BFF” style that I had previously picked up. The length of the lashes vary a lot more between 5-10 mm and provide a softer look. I found the variation of the lash length made my eyes more almond-shaped, I’d definitely wear these on more of a dressed-up casual day out. 

Bare Curled Lashes
Curled Lashes with Esqido Unisyn Lashes in “Peaches & Cream”
Curled Lashes with Esqido Mink Lashes in “Silhouette”

All in all, I am a big fan of the Esqido lashes, I find that their lash glue is super easy to use and does a really good job at keeping the lashes on my oily eyelids. The lashes are easy to use and the cotton band doesn’t irritate me at all, even with some of the lashes ending up in part of the fold of my eye. I do hope that with more practice, I’ll be able to master the art of applying false lashes. (That’s the goal, folks)

Have you tried false lashes? What are some of your favourites?

Disclaimer: The products mentioned were kindly gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews and opinions are my own.

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