Everyday Ethereal Look || Revlon

When it comes to looks, I’m definitely not the most out-of-the-box thinker. I have a tendency to stick with what I’m comfortable in and if I do experiment, it’ll be with one shade mixed with my usual shades.

So, when Revlon kindly sent over some products to challenge me in creating an ethereal look, I just had to make it a look that I could picture myself wearing on a daily basis. Hence, the ‘everyday ethereal look.’

Revlon Make Up Products

Starting off with their creme eye shadows, I received the shades 745 Cherry Blossom and 760 Earl Grey. I ended up using Cherry Blossom on the inner and outer corner of my eyes. The creme shadows even come with a brush within the cap of the packaging! I love that Revlon made it easier to carry an individual shadow but has included a brush, an actual brush, not a sponge applicator! This is definitely a game changer for me, I’d love to see more brands incorporating a brush into the cap of a product in the future.  It definitely keeps me more intrigued to pick up more shades and is a better use of the cap space provided.

‘Everyday Ethereal’ Look with Revlon Products


The creme shadow itself took a little warming up with a brush but I found it easy to apply and had great lasting power throughout the day! I applied it around 1 pm and by 11 pm, it was still intact! The only areas that were lacking a little were where my eyes were tearing up because of the cold while I was out and about. Another product that was used was the Galaxy Dream 003 Holographic Highlighting Palette, I played it safe and used the peachy-white shade which had a pink iridescence effect to it. It definitely matched well with the Cherry Blossom creme shadow!

Revlon Make Up Products

The highlighter palette is very finely milled and super pigmented! It is very buildable and the iridescence of the shades make it a lot more fun to play with! The palette itself also includes a mirror, which is a huge plus for me. I can easily bring this palette travelling with me and use the mirror itself for my daily make up routine. I like that Revlon has released this palette and the Sunlit Dream palette which, contains more warmer bronze tones, while the Galaxy Dream palette contains cooler toners.

Revlon Make Up Products

Lastly, the Cushion Lip Tints. These are so easy to apply and perfect for on the go! You definitely don’t need a lot of product to tint your lips and if you accidentally used too much product, there’s nothing a good ‘ol tissue blot can’t help with! These don’t feel drying at all on the lips and there’s such an assortment of shades to choose from! In the photo above, I decided to play it up and used 270 Wine Trip. The colour itself didn’t come off as dark and wine-like as I thought, instead it appeared as a sort of washed-berry effect on the lips. The colour swiped on easily, but my only slightly difficult moment was around the cupid’s bow on the upper lip. The wide point of the product makes it a little hard for precise lining of the lips. It took a little longer for the precision but I managed with little over-lining from place to place.

By the end of the 10-hour make up wearing day, my makeup was fully intact for the most part (minus the watery crying eyes from the cold). After the application, I had just set my face with MAC’s Fix+ Setting Spray and it lasted all day. I’m really liking the creme eyeshadows! I’ve forgotten how easy they are to use and how much fun they could be. I’ll definitely be picking up some more on my next visit to the drugstore!

Have you tried out any of these Revlon products? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these products for review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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