New Spring 2019 Collection || Almay

Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me for review. All reviews and opinions are my own.

With Spring in the air (sort-of) the latest launches of make up products are out and Almay is back and better than ever! Growing up, I had always noticed the brand but had never gotten myself to ever trying anything from them. Upon recently, I noticed that their display was slowly disappearing from Shoppers Drugs Mart. Luckily, they’re still available at Wal-Mart, Amazon and Rexall!

Almay Spring 2019 Products

Recently, I was kindly gifted with some of their new Spring 2019 products to try out and not only am I impressed, I’m definitely going to be picking up more! All products retail for under $15 CAD at Walmart and are around the same price on Amazon.

While some products were hits for me, I found some to be misses for me based on my preference when it comes to certain products. They may be an absolute hit for you though! Here are my first impressions:

1. Velvet Foil Cream Shadow
($8.97 CAD,
This was one of the products that I was most impressed with and look forward to picking up more shades! The packaging reminds me of the Glossier Cloud Paints. They give off a mousse-like feel and provide the most pigmentation. There’s a total of 8 shades to choose from and they swatch beautifully as cream shadows. I personally like this packaging more than the pots that other cream eyeshadows come in as oxygen doesn’t get into them as easily to dry them out.

2. Smoky Eye Trios
($9.77 CAD,
I wasn’t able to find these exact trios on the Walmart website however they do offer other colour combinations! Unfortunately, these trios were a miss for me. They required a lot of swatching to get any show of pigment out. While, I am a fan of he berry shade from the 010 Mulberry Moonlight palette, I feel like I can find a similar shade elsewhere that would require less swatching to get colour out. The trios come with a sponge applicator and formula wise feel very dry and hard.

3. Shadow Squad Eyeshadow
($8.97 CAD,
These eyeshadows were mediocre in my opinion. They’re decent if you’re on a budget and give off pretty good colour pay-off. I swatched each of the little shades individually for the first 4 swatches and mixed them all together for the 5th swatch at the end. Each eyeshadow consists of a matte, satin, metallic and glitter finish, so mixed together you end up with a nice mix of all the finishes.

4. Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite
($12.46 CAD,
These illuminators were another miss for me. While I can get behind the liquid highlighter formulation and idea, these jellies were pretty difficult to work with. They felt like glitter for me and were difficult to build up pigmentation with. They didn’t feel like they were drying onto the skin but only staying on top of the skin like a gloss. I feel like my hair would constantly be getting stuck on areas that I have the highlighter applied.

5. Goddess Gloss
($8.96 CAD,
I’m not big on lipgloss so this is definitely an item that I wouldn’t see myself reaching for very often. However, I did end up quite fond of the 700 Flame shade. It gave my lips a nice rosy tint and didn’t leave my lips feeling dry. The gloss itself is a little thick and sticky but a little definitely goes a long way. I found 500 Cosmic to show up a lot more with the glitter, so if I were to wear it, I’d probably wear it as a lip topper on top of a lipstick.

All in all, I had fun testing out these new Almay products! I like the idea of the Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite but I think the formulation needs a bit of work. I’ll definitely be picking up some of the Velvet Foil Cream Shadows on my next trip to Walmart! The shadows definitely don’t budge and keep my oily eyelids at bay, they’ll definitely be super easy to carry around when travelling!

Have you tried any Almay products? What are your favourites?

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