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For me, Pixi Beauty is best known for their Glow Tonic but they’ve really been stepping up their game recently and I’m nothing but impressed with everything that I’ve tried from them! One of their newest launches are these new Eye Reflection palettes, there are 3 in the collection, the ‘Reflex Light’, ‘Mixed Metals’ and the ‘Natural Beauty.’ I’ll be reviewing ‘Reflex Light’ and ‘Natural Beauty’ in this post.

Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes in ‘Reflex Light’ & ‘Natural Beauty’ ($34 CAD,

While one caters towards more of the warmer toned shades, the other caters towards cooler toned shades. Nonetheless, these palettes are a dream in itself. The palettes are more on the pricier end of a drugstore eyeshadow palette, retailing at $34 CAD at Beauty Boutique by Shoppers Drug Mart, but my oh my, the swatches are divine! (The newest ‘Mixed Metals’ palette is also currently available at Shoppers Drug Mart and consists of more rosy-pink shades)

Upon first impression of the palette itself, I really like how there’s a nice variation of 12 shades. There’s a lot to choose from individually and all shades can easily work together to create an eye look. One thing to note is that there is no mirror included with the palette, which is a little setback for me. However, I usually carry a compact mirror with me to do my brows and mascara so this isn’t too big of an issue for me.

Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette swatches in Reflex Light
Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette swatches in Natural Beauty

The first swatch is always a little hesitant, you never know how much pressure you should apply to the shadow to get some sort of pay-off. Luckily, this barely required any pressure. The shadows picked up very easily and one swatch was all it too for the colour pay off and the shadows to show that they were very pigmented and super easy to work with. They feel super smooth and finely milled, and best of all? There’s barely any kick-up of the shadow.


While, I may not be the most experienced or skilled when it comes to a smokey eye or even applying eyeshadow for that matter, I do find it super easy to apply and be on the go. It’s not difficult for the shadow to show up and won’t show up patchy on the eyelids. It doesn’t feel super powdery and doesn’t feel as if there’ll be excess product that requires to be brushed off the face.

Have you tried Pixi Beauty eye products? What are your thoughts?


With how impressed I am with this palette, I thought I’d do a giveaway to one lucky winner who I hope will fall in love with this palette as much as I have! The rules are as follows:

  1. Must be following my Instagram (link to my account here)
  2. Must be following my blog (whether it be here, email subscription or on Bloglovin’)
  3. Leave a comment on my giveaway Instagram photo on your favourite thing about Spring
  4. Contest is open to USA and Canada only (I’ll be working on a future giveaway to more locations)
  5. Contest closes Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST
  6. Giveaway winner will be contacted through direct message on Instagram

Disclaimer: The products reviewed were kindly gifted to me. The giveaway prizes were purchased with my own money and have no affiliation to the gifted products. All reviews and opinions are my own. 

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