Back to School and Travel Essentials || Fall 2019

With school starting, there are definitely some last minute travel plans in place to relax before all the stress kicks in.

Since, I’m not in school anymore, I’ve planned some weekend getaways in September to avoid any summer rushes and what a perfect way to have the ideal essentials to pack for them! I’ve rounded up my most ideal products to take with me and not only are the products listed perfect for travelling, but they’re perfect for back to school as well before the Fall weather rolls in.

Daydreaming of future travels to bring my essentials on!

Not only are the essentials great for travel, they’re also great to help maintain your skincare and beauty routine throughout the school year! Whether you’re in a rush or like to carry around the essentials to keep yourself looking fresh, these are some great products to take with you.

Back-to-School and Travel Essentials
  1. J.R. Watkins Hydrating Aloe & Green Tea Cleansing Towelettes
    These are great wipes to take on the go, they help soothe the skin while also removing any dirt, oil and makeup. The towelettes come in a pack of 30 pre-moistened clothes and are 98% natural. I’m a big fan of green tea scented products and aloe has been a blessing in keeping my skin calm and well-hydrated, I definitely know I’ll be keeping these around with me in my everyday bag!
  2. Lypsyl Original Lip Balm
    I can honestly say, you can never have too many lip balms. I pretty much have one in each bag that I use on rotation and they’re great if your lip is feeling a little chapped or even to use on any dry spots you may find for a quick fix. Even if the original isn’t the scent for you, Lypsyl carries a wide varieties of scents and different types that I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one to carry with you!
  3. Natural White 5 Minute Whitening Kit
    Perfect for a special occasion, this kit comes with a duplex mouth tray, whitening gel and a rinse to help you whiten your teeth within 3 days. The kit provides enough product to allow you to wear the tray for 5-30 minutes up to 3 times daily, for 7 days. I’m interested to see how this will work as I’m so used to using white stripes, I’ve never used a whitening kit with a mouth tray before. I’ll be testing this out in early October before a wedding and will report back!
  4. Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack
    I got this just in time for my travels next week! The set came with a toothbrush with a carrying case, as well as a small tube of toothpaste and dental picks. Since I’m only going on a weekend trip, I definitely won’t use up all the toothpaste and can even use it on future trips. Even if there were no travel plans, this set is great to carry around in case you’re in need of an emergency teeth cleaning after lunch or if you get something stuck between your teeth.
  5. Freeman Beauty Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask
    This hydrogel mask is a serum-infused two piece mask with coconut milk and hyaluronic acid to help boost hydration and radiance to the skin. It’s perfect for when you need that relaxation after a long school day or a long travel day and your skin needs some TLC. I really like that the mask comes in two pieces so it can be easily adjusted to better fit the face.

    Back-to-School and Travel Essentials
  6. Finesse Clean + Soft 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
    It’s been absolute years since I used a 2-in-1 hair cleanser. In the past year, I’ve been using one on and off if I sleep over at my boyfriend’s house and am in desperate need of washing my hair. To be honest, it really hasn’t been that bad or damaging to my hair. My hair feels clean, super soft and well-hydrated, so this is definitely something I can see myself placing in a travel bottle and bringing along with me on my travels in case I’m ever in a rush and need a quick hair washing. This is also great to take along to the gym or even to use at home if you’re in a time crunch and really need to finish your shower before heading off to class.
  7. Yardley English Lavender Body Wash
    This is such a soothing body wash for me, english lavender is a great scent just before bedtime and really helps me relax at night. I’m more prone to showering before bed so this is a great scent for me to really let go of all my work day stress and preps me for a good night’s sleep. The body wash also includes notes of geranium, chamomile and eucalyptus to really help the relaxation.

    Back-to-School and Travel Essentials
  8. EcoTools Exfoliating EcoPouf
    To pair perfectly with the Yardley body wash is the EcoTools EcoPouf, this loofah is perfect to really lather up the body wash to ensure your body is super clean and ready for bed. The EcoPouf is designed with recycled materials and helps gently remove dead skin.
  9. Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist
    I remember growing up and loving all the Calgon scents! This brings back so many memories! The body mist is much lighter than a perfume, it’s not as concentrated and may not last as long. This may be more ideal if you’re sensitive to scents but still want to use some sort of fragrance. This has a light floral scent and can be easily found in drugstores.

Whether you’re on the go between classes or jet-setting around the world, I think these would be a great place to start on getting ideas of what to bring with you! I can definitely see myself carrying around the wipes, face masks, lip balm and the portable toothbrush in my travel bag on my upcoming travels!

Travel essentials packed and ready to go!

What else would you bring with you? Do you have any essentials that you’re currently using?

Disclaimer: These products were kindly gifted to me. All photos and reviews are my own.

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